5 Good Reasons to Visit Malta

Buildings and two colorful boats in the harbor
The city of Birgo seen from the Harbour. The colourful boat has eyes painted on the front to keep away the ‘evil eye’.

Malta’s history is ancient. On this tiny archipelago of three islands in the Mediterranean are some of the oldest temples and burial sites on the planet. But it has had a significant impact on recorded history too – much greater than its small size would suggest.

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Tips to Escape Winter

Sea and palm trees along the sea walk Escape Winter in Calabria
The Lungomare or sea walk beside the ocean. Even on a cool day, it feels tropical and exotic.

As I slogged through the snow and slid my way across the icy sidewalk last winter, I vowed I would escape the cold next year. But where to go?

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Ghost Hunting in Dublin

Ghost Hunting in DublinI’ve been on many ghost hunting tours but I have to say, Dublin’s is the most fascinating ….and inventive. The interior of our double-decker Ghostbus is spooky, curtains blacking out the world outside as we drive. And our guide, Nick, has us frightened one minute and rocking with laughter the next. Continue reading

Towers of Power

The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace

The most influential men and women of their time have lived – and died – within these walls. And in most cases, the power they held lasted very briefly. Continue reading

Antique Hunting in Warwick

warwick-street-from-top-sBritain is full of old things. And I don’t mean the House of Lords.

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