New Orleans – Home to Sinners and Saints

The writer standing in front of a giant 300 with NOLA on top of it.
New Orleans celebrated its 300th birthday in 2018!

New Orleans isn’t a city that quietly welcomes the visitor. They call it NOLA (short for New Orleans Louisiana) or N’Awwlins, but whatever you call it, this city assaults the senses – and I happily surrender to the sights, smells and sounds of this amazing city.

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Ghost Hunting in Dublin

Ghost Hunting in DublinI’ve been on many ghost hunting tours but I have to say, Dublin’s is the most fascinating ….and inventive. The interior of our double-decker Ghostbus is spooky, curtains blacking out the world outside as we drive. And our guide, Nick, has us frightened one minute and rocking with laughter the next. Continue reading

Towers of Power

The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace

The most influential men and women of their time have lived – and died – within these walls. And in most cases, the power they held lasted very briefly. Continue reading

Cheyenne, Wyoming – The Spirits of the West


It began when we went for a walk in downtown Cheyenne. A helpful hotel employee pointed us toward the city’s oldest commercial building, just up the street, with the words, “It’s haunted.” Continue reading

6 Haunted Buildings in Wales – Catch the Spirit!

skirrid Inn sWant to greet a ghost or sleep with a spectre? Wales is reputedly one of the most haunted countries in the world and its castles, stately homes, pubs and even abbey ruins can give a whole new meaning to getting into the spirit of the place. Here are six of the most spirited spots. Continue reading