To Market, To Market – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv market Carmel spice merchant

Shlomo is a happy man. He serves me a strong cup of his own roasted coffee. His grandfather, a Yemenite immigrant in the early 1900s, started this little roastery in Carmel Market. But Shlomo is likely to be the last of his family to roast and sell coffee.

Tel Aviv Markets Schlomo Continue reading

Richmond, BC – A Dip into Asia

Richmond Night Market Richmond BC

The colourful, delicious Richmond Night Market is a must for visitors

Few cities in Canada can boast a true immersion experience into another culture. I don’t mean the gentle toe-dip into Little India or Greektown in Toronto, or the mild submersion of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Richmond, BC takes one into the underwater depths of an extraordinary ethnic ocean. Several Asian traditions – China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Viet Nam, etc – flourish in this multicultural lagoon. Continue reading

Virginia is for Lovers

Nestled in the valley, Roanoke enjoys spectacular views of Virgnia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Nestled in the valley, Roanoke enjoys spectacular views of Virgnia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

The license plates say: Virginia is for lovers. They could have added: of history, of wine, of nature, and so much more. And nowhere are all these brought together more forcibly than in the Roanoke Valley.

In the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, this valley was a hub of travel for trail blazers like Daniel Boone who chopped their way through the wilderness to Kentucky, as well as for the earliest pioneers crossing the wide expanse of America on the Great Wagon Road, in search of a better life. A young George Washington passed this way in 1776 to inspect the frontier forts. Continue reading