Towers of Power -The Tower of London and Hampton Court

There’s probably no better lesson about the ability of power to corrupt than a visit to the Tower of London.

The most influential men and women of their time have lived – and died – within these walls. And in most cases, the power they held lasted very briefly. Continue reading

Cheyenne – The Spirits of the West

colourful rocks s

It began when we went for a walk. A helpful hotel employee pointed us toward the city’s oldest commercial building, just up the street, with the words, “It’s haunted.” Continue reading

Spirited Wales

skirrid Inn sWant to greet a ghost or sleep with a spectre? Wales is reputedly one of the most haunted countries in the world and its castles, stately homes, pubs and even abbey ruins can give a whole new meaning to getting into the spirit of the place. Here are six of the most spirited spots.

I’m unarmed – no de-materializer or spectral blaster. Some ghostbuster!

It’s dark and musty in this small dressing room, just a thin, uneven sliver of light shows under the door. I hear my own breathing, the creak of ancient floorboards and from downstairs, an occasional murmur of conversation. I’m waiting for something – anything! – to happen. Continue reading