Bonhomme Carnaval


Arriving at the airport in Quebec City, I can’t resist a photo with a familiar character.

Bonhomme Fun Facts

To most Canadians, Bonhomme is as familiar as Santa Claus and he’s immediately linked with Carnaval, Quebec’s unbeatable way to warm up the winter.  But did you know these little known Bonhomme facts?

There is only one Bonhomme. Unlike Santa, there are no spurious versions wandering the streets of Quebec.

Bonhomme has travelled the world promoting his city’s famous Carnaval.

Despite the rumours, he is not related to Frosty, though Santa was a childhood friend.

He turns 65 next year but hasn’t added a single wrinkle, proof positive that winter cold is good for the complexion.

Bonhomme is bilingual, and always smiling and ready to take a picture, especially with children.

You can meet him in person every year during Carnaval in Quebec City (end of January to mid-February).

Quebec City adds these fun facts:

First name: Bonhomme
Last name: Carnaval
Year of birth: 1954
City of birth: Quebec City
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 400 pounds of compacted snow
Favourite colors: White and red
Favourite treats: Ice cream and sorbet
Distinctive motion: Lifing his leg
Best friends: Fans of winter!
Greatest quality: Joie de vivre
Famous words: Joyeux Carnaval!
Biggest dream: Reverse global warming
Notoriety: Public personality most spontaneously associated with Quebec City

You can meet Bonhomme in person every year during Carnaval in Quebec City which usually begins near the end of January and runs until mid-February. Want to know more about Carnaval? Visit here.

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