Welsh Cakes

welsh cakes with currantsWales is tiny but mighty. It seems to have more castles per capita than any other place in the British Isles. And it is a country of poets, dreamers and cooks. One of my favourite accompaniments to a cup of tea are Welsh cakes. Made with currants, these small little griddle cakes are perfect for a quick nibble with a cuppa. And of course, they are always served on St. David’s Day to honour the patron saint of Wales

Traditionally, these are griddle cakes – that is they aren’t baked in an oven but cooked on a griddle. Garth uses an electric frying pan because it’s easier to control the temperature. One other tip is that one sometimes finds currants have seeds. Make sure to use seedless currants.

My recipe comes from the kitchen of R. Mair Greaves, mother of my friend Garth who kindly shared this family recipe with me. He makes these every year and shares them with friends. It’s a treat we all anticipate when St. David’s Day draws near.

Prep Time: 1  – 1½ hours  Servings: 5 – 7 doz.


  • 3       Cups      Flour
  • 1   Cup        Margarine (2 squares) or Butter (1/2 lb) – I recommend butter
  • 1 ½ tsp        Baking Powder
  • ½  tsp          Baking Soda
  • ½  tsp          Salt (just a pinch really)
  • 1 Cup          Sugar
  • 1   Cup        Currants
  • 2                 Eggs large size
  • 6  Tbsp       Milk (not quite full for each Tbsp)


Blend/rub the butter into the flour. Add all the other dry ingredients. Beat milk and eggs together separately, and then add to the dry ingredients. Add the currants.

Mix into a stiff paste and form into a round ball. Roll the dough out and cut into rounds a using serrated cookie cutter on a floured surface.

Cook slowly on an Electric Fry pan/Cast Iron skillet at 200 – 250 F.

A final note from Mrs. Greaves says: You should wait until they cool before eating but it’s up to you – hot currants will burn your tongue! By the way, they freeze very well.

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