S’Mores – Campfire Treat

S'Mores - a Campfire Treat - toasting marshmallow on open fire and s'more

A second marshmallow toasting on the flames and an open s’more ready for its addition.

Anyone who has grown up in Canada – camping, going to the cottage, or in the Scout or Girl Guide movements – knows all about s’mores. Short for “some more” they are so good, it’s what you have to say, “s’more please!” Note that Americans claim to have invented this treat but I believe they may have been the first to write down what Canadians had been doing for generations.

s'mores - a campfire treat open s'more

The black is bits of charred marshmallow -so good!

There are variations of the original recipe but here’s one our family loved. There are three main ingredients: marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. The chocolate and marshmallow form the filling for a sandwich made with two graham crackers. I’ve also seen peanut butter, potato chips, and other bizarre additions….even toasted coconut and sunflower seeds. But let’s stick to the basics.

  • A package large size marshmallows
  • I box graham crackers
  • 1 bar good milk or dark chocolate (according to your taste)

We used to cut a length of small green branch to use as a skewer for tone or two marshmallows. Toast the marshmallow(s) until flaming. Blow it out and place the marshmallows on the cracker. Now add a large square of chocolate while it’s still hot. Cover with second graham cracker. Press firmly to melt the marshmallow and chocolate together. Enjoy!


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