Mardi Gras on the Beach in Pensacola Florida

gang bling s

It’s Mardi Gras and while New Orleans may get the glory, Pensacola, Florida knows how to party. Even the rain didn’t slow the parade in the town of Pensacola when we visited, and when the sun came out on parade day in Pensacola Beach, the party just got better.

float PB s

Here, as everywhere, Mardi Gras is about a big blowout celebration before Lent starts. A reminder of the serious side of things – the Death float:

Krewe Muerte s

But for most people, it’s all about costumes and fun.

Mayoki Indians2 sI play for gumbo s

pirates crowd sThe floats toss out tons of bling and the spectators catch the beads and wear them. Even dogs and little people get into the spirit of things:

dog bling sbaby bling s


Tomorrow begins 40 days of self-denial. But for today, it’s party time in Pensacola.


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