Cheyenne – The Spirits of the West

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It began when we went for a walk. A helpful hotel employee pointed us toward the city’s oldest commercial building, just up the street, with the words, “It’s haunted.” Continue reading


historic plains hotelCheyenne was ccccold today with a fresh coat of light snow. But we’re Canadians, so we donned boots and winter jackets and set out from our hotel, the historic Plains Hotel (pictured above in warmer weather during Frontier Days) and headed for the Wyoming State Museum which has the virtue of being a few blocks walk away and indoors!

What a gem! Here, we met Carolyn, a staffer whose great grandparents had taken the Mormon Trail which passed through this area to Salt Lake City. When great-grandpa’s wife protested that he certainly wasn’t going to take a second wife according to Mormon dictates, they left both city and church, and moved to Arizona.

Carolyn’s grandfather moved the family here to Wyoming via Colorado. Perhaps it’s in their history, a country born of many nomadic native American tribes and even more nomadic immigrants who settled here, but Americans seem more prepared to up stakes and move to more fertile grounds than most Europeans, or indeed, Canadians, who share many of the same roots. Continue reading